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This makes the seahorse a powerful symbol for hawthorn signs. Seahorse magic bestows financial acumen and an infallible memory. The mighty oak has been written about and touted for its strength. The oak tree sign does that and more. It acts as a stabilizing force in the person's life. The druids held the oak tree as a sacred living emblem of their existence. The oak is symbolic in its uses for spells, wealth and durability. The over-harvesting of the highly prized oak tree led to much of the deforestation of Scottish lands. The alphabet for the oak tree is D for Duir.

Strength and self-reliance are two traits associated with duir. The tiny wren is a symbol of high energy and industrious nature. This animal symbol brings purpose and activity to the oak tree sign that fortifies its strengths. This is the sign of royalty and prestige.

The Druid Horoscope

Those born under this sign are blessed with grace and a highly dignified personality and presence. People look up to this sign as a leader and example of the best qualities most people strive to achieve. These natural abilities carry this sign into realms of power and influence. Holly boughs were used to decorate doorways and windows to ward off evil spirits. It was believed that fairies lived in holly trees, so branches were cut and brought into the homes to provide winter warmth for the fairies.

The alphabet for the holly tree is T for Tinne or Teine. This is the symbol of immortality and legacy. The saying that a home is your castle is a truism for this alphabet letter. The horse is a strong and regal creature. Its grace often belies its power. The horse is a magnificent animal and gives the holly tree sign great stamina, willpower and sometimes is headstrong stubborn in achieving its goals.

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The horse can be reined in, but it takes a delicate hand to tame this magnetic and high-energy animal. The hazel tree sign is one of wisdom and knowledge. This is both formal education and an innate intuitive knowing. A multi-faceted personality, this sign has depth and dimensions afforded by what they know and continue to learn. In the Celtic lore of magic found in nature, the hazel tree is associated with stories of magic wells or springs. The alphabet letter C Coll or Call represents the hazel tree. Coll means the energy or life force that resides deep inside you.

The Chinese call this energy chi. It is connected to the intelligent universal energy that created all life. There is no animal quite as determined as the salmon that literally swims upstream to achieve its genetic imperative to spawn. This same type of commitment to achieving a goal is found in hazel tree people.

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The vine tree is the symbol for balance in life. Those born under this sign always seek to restore balance in life. The yin and yang of all things is a lifetime mandate. When balance is restored, harmony is ushered in. This is the ideal of a vine tree sign. In seeking this balance, the person recognizes the delicate balance of beauty in all areas of life.

The alphabet letter M for Muin represents the vine tree. Those born under this sign have the gift of prophecy.

As truth-speakers, this sign is compelled to tell it like it is, regardless how tactless it may be. The graceful swan never falters or stops when presented with obstacles or challenges. It continues on its path, unhampered by those around it or circumstances. The beauty of the swan can be found in each person and may not just be from outward appearances. The true beauty of the inner self is the real prize.

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This woody plant sign starts out slowly in order to gain its footing. Once certain of its surroundings, the ivy takes root and begins by taking baby steps. Once firmly rooted, the plant takes off. Those born under this sign don't fully commit until they are certain of their footing. Once they are, though, they are all in and will do whatever it takes to see that they reach their goals.

The ivy tree is represented by the Celtic letter G for gort. This letter defines the rapid growth, as well as the carefree and abandonment ivy, takes once it has firmly rooted itself. The fluttering butterfly is a symbol of survival and transformation. The caterpillar morphs into a beautiful butterfly that appears to have a light-hearted and carefree life. This comes from its strong drive to endure regardless the hardships it must face and overcome. The reed is a very versatile plant since it was used as thatch for houses and carved to make a flute and other musical wind instruments. This same versatility is bestowed to those born under this Celtic tree sign.

The ability to take something in raw form and refine it to usefulness is just one of many talents of those born under the sign of the reed.

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Finding resources and usefulness often lead to careers where these skills are a necessity. The alphabet letter for reed tree is N and stands for ngetal or nGeatal.

The meaning encompasses healing to health and strong ties to family. The wolf is a powerful animal symbol. It can either be part of a pack or venture out on its own as a lone wolf. You possess the self-confidence needed to have an independent life. By choice, you may decide it is easier and safer to run with a pack than it is to travel alone through life.

Known as the judgment tree, the Druid priests came to conclusions and judgments while standing underneath elder trees. Those born under this sign often tend to be judge and jury but attempt to be fair and balanced in the process. There is an innate love and desire for justice.

Nature holds a special reverence with a love for hiking and being outside enjoying the beauty and bounty of the natural world. The need to protect the weaker is strong along with a desire to be of service to others. The elder tree is represented by the alphabet letter R for ruis. The signal of an ending is always offset by the ability to rejuvenate. The elder energy is one of knowledge gained through experiences and shared with the next generation.

The falcon or hawk is a symbol of soaring to great heights and having the ability to see things that most people either overlook or can't reach far enough to see. This all-seeing wisdom guides the falcon in its travels. It has a keen sense of direction and stays on course as long as the wind is favorable. The falcon can give an elder sign the direction needed to achieve goals and life purpose. With 13 tree signs, you can find the best signs for zodiac compatibility. The listings match your sign with the two compatible Celtic tree signs most suitable for a harmonious pairing.

Interestingly, in modern times the hazel nut has proven itself to be a brain food. Pound for pound the hazel nut have double the protein, and good fats than eggs, making them natural nourishment for brain function. When you are creatively stuck, or your intellectual growth seems stagnate, call upon the energy of the hazel tree. Better yet, eat a few hazelnuts, or make a necklace from the nuts. Often such necklaces were worn for protection as well as to illicit visions.

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Likewise, hazelnuts were still are eaten just before engaging in divinatory, foretelling or meditative practices. Post script: Pick your hazelnuts after they have fallen from the tree. It is considered bad form to pick them unripe off the branches. Click here to learn about the Hazel Sign of the Celtic Zodiac on this site. August 19, August 19, July 30, August 2, April 17, April 26, Skip to content. Avia's Recommended Products from Amazon.

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