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Capricorn doesn't accept half-assed results, nor does it tolerate distractions or take short-cuts. We're only halfway through Saturn's trek through Capricorn. This year, you're about to become the adult you're meant to become.

However, Saturn won't allow this year to be all work and no play. Jupiter — planet of expansion, philosophy, wisdom, and adventure — will spend the rest of the year in its home sign of Sagittarius. Since Jupiter is all about growth and Sagittarius is all about going above and beyond, you have so much power to truly expand your horizons, try something new, let go of prior judgments, and break through barriers.

Uranus — planet of unexpected change, erratic behavior, and revolution — ends its retrograde on Jan. Since Taurus is a sign embedded in tradition and long-standing foundations while Uranus loves radical progress, this transit has the power to reshape deeply buried layers of your life.

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Don't forget that Uranus will be in Taurus until , so this story is just beginning. While will be lucky in that neither Venus — planet of love and luxury — nor Mars — planet of vigor and aggression — will ever be in retrograde, we still have three Mercury retrogrades to deal with.

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The first one will begin on Mar. What do these retrograde periods all have in common? They will take place in Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio, which are all water signs.

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  6. Since Mercury is the planet of communication and thought process, these retrogrades will take you on an emotional journey, helping you unearth your spiritual power and purge traumatic negativity. While none of this will be easy, it will eventually make so worth it.

    Saturn is still moving through your 10th house of career and reputation, pushing you to rethink the way you've been going after your dreams. It's time to take your path in life seriously and let go of procrastination or laziness that's been holding you back. With Jupiter dancing through your ninth house of adventure and wisdom, you should spend traveling far and learning everything there is to learn.

    Uranus is still blasting through your second house of finance and comfort, so expect major changes, both positive and challenging, in these departments. Mercury will retrograde through your spirituality house, your family house, and your house of death and rebirth. These are emotionally intense aspects of life, and this year will bring you closer to your rawest self. Your ninth house of journeys and philosophy are receiving Saturn's heavy hand. This year is about reworking your core belief systems, embracing cultural exchange, and making sure you're adventuring wisely. With Uranus creating a storm in your first house of the self, you're still experiencing erratic changes in your identity and perception of who you are.

    However, Jupiter moves through your eighth house of reincarnation, allowing you to engage in a deeper level of intimacy with yourself and those around you. This year is about rising from the ashes.

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    Your community house, communication house, and partnership house will experience Mercury retrogrades. These houses all have to do with the way you trust and engage with others. Saturn induces karma in your eighth house of death and rebirth, pushing you to work through your relationship with intimacy and shared resources. You'll learn how to open yourself up to others, but only to those who deserve it.

    You will reconcile the deepest parts of yourself. Jupiter travels through your seventh house of partnerships, bringing the focus to your closest relationships and allowing you to make serious connections. With Uranus rolling through your 12th house of spirituality, you could experience major psychic revelations. Mercury will retrograde through your career house, your money house, and your house of work and health.

    This year will teach you how to become a more responsible and productive worker, refining your priorities. Saturn makes things serious in your seventh house of partnerships. You're learning what you need from your relationships and how you function in them. It's time to let go of relationships that no longer work for you.

    With Jupiter expanding upon your sixth house of work and health, is capable of being a year of major productivity and improvement, if you allow it to be.

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    Uranus sends shifting energy into your 11th house of community, creating changes in your social sphere and reworking your relationship with cooperation and peer influence. Your adventure house, character house, and house of self-expression will receive Mercury retrograde's toll. This year is about getting to know the person you are and unapologetically honing in on that person.

    Your sixth house of work and health is being worked by Saturn. You're still learning how to refine your daily routine, see your projects through to the end, and commit to organization. Uranus is electrifying your 10th house of career, drastically influencing your path in life and reputation at unexpected moments. With Jupiter surging through your fifth house of fun and pleasure, has the power to be immensely creative and uninhibited.

    Let go of your fear, embrace the present moment, and allow yourself to interact with the color and music all around you. Mercury will retrograde through your house of death and rebirth, your house of home and family, and your spirituality house. Saturn lays the hammer down on your fifth house of fun and pleasure. This transit will teach you how to embrace creativity and spontaneous joy responsibly and effectively. While it can restrict the play, it allows you harness creative sector in a more mature way. Jupiter warms your fourth house of home and family, inducing you with feminine energy and bringing your focus to your intimate values.

    With Uranus sending lightning through your ninth house of adventure and wisdom, there could be unexpected travel in , as well as drastic changes in your beliefs. Mercury will move backwards through your partnership house, community house, and house of communication. Getting cash How to raise cash quickly.

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